By  Erica ThomasVice President, Media DirectorMarketing Strategies A Recipe That’s Easy but Not Effective Often times you’ll come across a marketing company that professes to be an expert in an industry niche that may include automotive, healthcare, financial, or real estate just to name a few. The company pitches a proven formula that has worked for other clients in the same industry. It’s a simple, cookie-cutter approach that usually emphasizes

By: Denise Blackburn-Gay, APRPresident & CEOMarketing Strategies, Inc. How many times have you looked at your brochure, your website or even your logo and thought it looked tired? If you think that, others may be thinking the same thing. We have clients who approach us with the idea that in order to refresh their brand they need an entirely new logo. That’s not necessarily the case. Sometimes things as simple


Nov 2016

The Media Puzzle

By: Erica Thomas Vice President, Media Marketing Strategies, Inc. When it comes to the media landscape the industry chatter says it’s fragmented and constantly changing. With social media, expanding digital options and mobile devices, we just can’t reach people the same way we used to. I was thinking about this one Sunday morning when I was home watching TV and noted some of the stunning television ads we see now,

By: Denise Blackburn-Gay, APR President & CEO Marketing Strategies, Inc. Watching the competition between the Cubs and Indians, and what has to be one of the greatest World Series of all times, brings to mind the realization that marketing is a lot like baseball. Think it’s an odd comparison? Not really. In both baseball and marketing, the competition is fierce. To be the best, you have to outsmart, outthink and