By: Denise Blackburn-Gay, APR
President & CEO
Marketing Strategies, Inc.

Watching the competition between the Cubs and Indians, and what has to be one of the greatest World Series of all times, brings to mind the realization that marketing is a lot like baseball. Think it’s an odd comparison? Not really.

In both baseball and marketing, the competition is fierce. To be the best, you have to outsmart, outthink and outperform the other team. That requires skill, focus and a determination to succeed. A well-defined strategy should be in place with tactics that can be implemented quickly to survive the curve balls that are sure to come your way. Analytics routinely measure what is working and what needs to be improved upon and increase your chance of scoring.

The equipment, although quite different, has to be top notch.  With the team in place, marketing steps to the plate with an arsenal of tools that build the brand. Your logo is your uniform, the mark that sets your team apart.  Your other essential tools include your website, your brochures, and well planned social media where fans rave about your wins and fuel your success.  Your brand is built via brilliant PR where stories unfold in both print and broadcast; and although you’re good, you know that to reach the top you must always have another play in your back pocket.

While lady luck can smile upon you, she can’t be counted on with any regularity. While home runs and grand slams may help you win the game, the road to the championship is paved with strong on-base percentages.  As plays are to baseball, marketing is to business. One great ad, one great article or one great TV spot may garner five minutes of fame, but that doesn’t do much to move the needle forward.

Instead of taking random swings that may or may not produce results, aim for a strategy that puts more runners on base giving you more opportunities to score. Translated, that means incorporating a synergistic approach to branding that includes marketing and public relations, media that extends across multiple platforms, and a message that is clear and consistent.

Give Marketing Strategies, Inc. a call. Like baseball, marketing requires strategic planning, savvy execution, careful analysis and a dedicated team of skilled players.

Now that we’re in the fourth quarter, or maybe the seventh inning stretch, it’s a good time to take a look at the year quickly coming to a close. Did you have a winning season?  Is it time to make a change in your lineup?

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