By  Erica Thomas
Vice President, Media Director
Marketing Strategies

A Recipe That’s Easy but Not Effective

Often times you’ll come across a marketing company that professes to be an expert in an industry niche that may include automotive, healthcare, financial, or real estate just to name a few.

The company pitches a proven formula that has worked for other clients in the same industry. It’s a simple, cookie-cutter approach that usually emphasizes a framework and quite often comes packaged with fancy acronyms and colorful charts. The campaigns may include print ads, broadcast opportunities, and a website template that can be customized with your logo!

Don’t be fooled! If there was one single marketing program that would work for everyone, then everyone would be implementing it, right? The reason great marketing and brand development can’t fall into a single framework is because your brand strategy and development is designed to differentiate your company. Markets are different, clients are different, and most importantly, your business is different!

Marketing is hard work. The same cookie cutter approach that attracts your attention with its ease of use and tracking formulas can actually make your marketing less effective.

Let’s face it. If you’re not willing to invest in developing a marketing strategy customized for your brand, then you’ve chosen a route that might be efficient, but not effective.

Marketing Strategies has been developing unique marketing approaches for clients for over 20 years.

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