Your logo is the “face” of your company, a reflection of your brand.  They are designed to represent your company’s unique identity and core values.  The logo is the quickest way your customers connect with your brand, which is why design choices should be made mindfully.

A well-designed logo can contribute to brand success; by the same hand a poorly designed logo can imply inexperience or portray your company as unprofessional.  When you reach the stage that you need to develop a logo for your company, or even update your existing logo to represent your company’s evolution, it is important to seek the services of a professional designer.  

 There are endless choices for fonts, graphic elements and color.  To help make those choices you need to discuss with your designer what you want to convey about your company.  Are you a wholesome, grounded company, like a bistro or a yoga studio?  Greens, pale blues and tans with a softer, less angular font favors that feeling. 


 If you want to make a powerful, active statement, reds with bold fonts and graphics would fit your message.


Is your company dependable, trusted, established?  Then you may gravitate toward blues with a conservative font style and a very straightforward graphic design.

Ford-logo 2

Once again, there are infinite combinations, and a good designer can help you sort out the right elements to represent your brand.  Once your logo is established you begin building consumer loyalty through repetition.  Any time your product or service is mentioned your logo should be present.  Any time your current customer or potential new customers encounter your company your logo should be present.  From advertising to company forms and stationary to product labels and company vehicles, the more it is viewed in connection with your brand the stronger your brand identity becomes.  Before long, just a glimpse of your logo will send your brand to the top of mind in your consumer audience.  That’s when you know it’s doing its job!

By Erica Thomas
Vice President, Media Director
Marketing Strategies, Inc

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