Crises are Inevitable. The likelihood that a highly threatening, unexpected event will hit your business has never been higher. In a survey conducted by PwC of 164 CEO’s worldwide, 65 percent of respondents reported experiencing at least one crisis since 2013, and 15 percent had experienced five or more. A crisis communications plan is a crucial component of any disaster plan. It can act as a guide to help you

Today is the 112th birthday of the press release. On October 30, 1906, the New York Times printed verbatim the very first press release written by Ivy Lee, the “father of modern PR.” The Pennsylvania Railroad was a client of Ivy Lee, and on October 28th, 1906, 50 people lost their lives due to a three-car train jumping a trestle in New Jersey and plunging into a thoroughfare creek. In

The theme of this year’s annual PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) conference was “Communications Convergence.” It is a description of the profound and accelerating changes that make PR critically important and give way to a whole new communications ecosystem.   Here are key takeaways from last week’s conference: Strategy:   Achieve measurable outcomes with behavioral planning. To move the needle, you must change consumer perception. Building a plan that is

With summer behind us, our thoughts are focused on two things: the hectic final quarter of the year and football….along with a few other things, of course! We spend our weekends, along with the occasional weeknight, cheering on our favorite NFL and college teams. Have you ever thought about the correlation between a results-oriented PR campaign and the game plan for a Super Bowl contender? Here’s what we’ve discovered: Strategy