With summer behind us, our thoughts are focused on two things: the hectic final quarter of the year and football….along with a few other things, of course!

We spend our weekends, along with the occasional weeknight, cheering on our favorite NFL and college teams. Have you ever thought about the correlation between a results-oriented PR campaign and the game plan for a Super Bowl contender?
Here’s what we’ve discovered:

Strategy is at the Core

Before players hit the gridiron, they have a well-thought-out, calculated plan of action in place. They’ve studied the competition and know what they’re up against. They’re aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy is the essential element of your PR campaign. It’s important to understand your goal and the most effective tactics that will lead to it. This requires research on market trends along with a competitive analysis that includes your challenges and key differentiators.

Tackle the Tactics 

The game clock is ticking. The team is on the field carefully executing the plays they’ve been practicing. While they’ve worked hard to prepare, they know that their opposition has the same goal in mind and will try equally hard to achieve it. You face the same fierce competition when trying to get a consumer’s attention. You have carefully planned your communications attack. Is it working?

Just like a football quarterback, you can expect that things won’t always go as planned. You must be able to make last minute adjustments at the line of scrimmage.

We tell our clients that PR/marketing plans should be written in pencil. While we may not go that far, it is essential to be able to make changes efficiently.  The playing field is continually changing with new technology, increased competition, and a challenging economic picture.

Analyze the Play-by-play Action 

Win or lose, after the clock stops it’s time to go back to the drawing board. The team must analyze the game to determine what went right and what didn’t. They’ll learn from successful plays such as the 107-yard kickoff return, as well as from those that didn’t go well, like turnovers that resulted in touchdowns for the other guys. Reflection will help your team formulate a stronger plan for the next game.

After each PR/marketing campaign, it’s vital to measure the results against the goals. When you do a play by-play-recap, identify the successes and failures and change your methods to ensure your future success.

On the football field or in a business, execution of a strategic game plan is the key to success. 

Do you have a strategic marketing plan? Marketing Strategies, Inc. can help improve your bottom line with a program tailored to your needs. Our campaigns are affordable, effective and measurable.  Give us a call at 843-692-9662 or email us @ Denise@MarketingStrategiesInc.com.  


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