Although it seems that every year the practice of sending Christmas cards diminishes, our PR firm still maintains the tradition. While some clients may dismiss them, others pay a great deal of attention. I found a cute message from a client and close friend, who in 2005 received a card from Marketing Strategies that was damaged in transit.

Here is how we averted this crisis. Here, also are ten humorous things you can do with those cards you received, considering, of course, that you received a few traditional greetings.

We regret that your high-gloss, four-color Christmas postcard arrived in poor condition. We are alerting the authorities. We can take some comfort, however, in knowing that you have received this card on at least two other occasions which means that you are familiar with the message.

Since we have now depleted our supply of this limited-edition card, we are sending, per your request, a special folded version…in fact, we are sending several cards.

You might ask, “What do I do with these cards?” Not to worry. See our top-ten list below which will provide several helpful options…I am sure you have a few of your own.

Just in case we haven’t told you before, we appreciate your business and value you as a client. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Managing Strategist

Ten Things to Do with Christmas Cards*

10. Use them as coasters.

9. Group them together using scotch tape to make a festive placemat for
your pet. Preserve their beauty by hermetically sealing them in Saran
Wrap (any brand of the plastic stuff will do).

8. Tear off the signature portion and reuse them.

7. Hang them from the blades of your ceiling fan to make a festive mobile.

6. Strategically place them on your living room floor and play “Twister.”

5. Attach them to a stick and use them like a fly or bee swatter. If you are
using them for the latter, be very careful. Bees are tricky. For safety’s
sake, avoid chewing gum or wearing cologne when swatting flies or bees.

4. Leave them on the windshields of cars at the mall OR attach them to
the antennas of your vehicles. Get in the spirit!

3. Spread holiday cheer by posting them over the urinals or on the
stall doors of public restrooms.

2. Devise a clever card game. Call Marketing Strategies for marketing
and public relations assistance. We could all get rich.

1. Display them throughout your house tricking friends and family into
thinking you are more popular than you are.

•reprinted with client permission

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